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Monday 11 November 2019
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Slain V’zuelan woman’s children face eviction

Dr Rampersad Lutchman with Venezuelan migrant children. The three older ones are the children of Evelyn Mata Rojas who was killed on June 7.
Dr Rampersad Lutchman with Venezuelan migrant children. The three older ones are the children of Evelyn Mata Rojas who was killed on June 7.

The three young children of murdered Venezuelan Evelyn Mata Rojas are facing eviction with relatives from an house in central Trinidad.

Rojas, 40, was fatally shot by a Venezuelan man at an apartment she rented in Freeport, on June 7. Her killer remains on the run.

Her three children, ages seven, nine and 12, have been living with relatives at another location. She was the sole breadwinner and worked two jobs to provide for her children.

It has been difficult for relatives to find steady jobs and they struggle to make ends meet. If their rent money is not paid by tomorrow the children and their relatives would be evicted. The relatives hope to get more time to pay the rent but they do not know how they are going to get the money.

Evelyn Mata Rojas

Rojas was cremated after a funeral at Guides Funeral Home, two weeks ago. Her ashes were sent to Venezuela.

After the service, the relatives made a desperate plea for help and spoke to the pastor, Dr Rampersad Lutchman. He has since been trying to help the extended family.

“Up to yesterday, I went to the home where they are staying. It is really sad what happened. These children are still traumatised, their mother was taken away from them. They are really hurt. They need everything. They have little food, clothing and now their rent is due on Monday,” Lutchman told Sunday Newsday.

The pastor also wrote a message on his Facebook page pleading with citizens to open their hearts and help in any way they could. “They have already been through enough. They miss their mother dearly. Please help this family.”

On the day Rojas was killed, she had a barbecue lime to celebrate after she and her relatives had completed the registration process for a one year amnesty to work in TT. Police report that at about 3 am, neighbours heard her screams and moments later heard gunshots. Neighbours told police they saw a man running from the apartment with his hands covered in blood. They said there was a heated argument between Rojas and the man before he killed her.

Relatives said Rojas worked as a vendor in Tucupita, where she was born, before she came to TT to make a better life.

Today marks 16 days since she was murdered. Senior police told Sunday Newsday investigators searched an area where they believed the man, who is in his late 30s, lived. They have a description of the suspect and all stations have been notified. Anyone who wants to help the family can contact Lutchman at 328-9002.

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