Political parties galore but no vision

THE EDITOR: I read the article published by the leader of DPTT in Newsday on Friday in which he boldly said that he was the person we needed now as if he was the only hope we had to fix our political mess in the country.

He is obviously a prominent and experienced politician but I firmly believe that what we need now is more than ego power or portaging oneself as the messiah who has the capabilities to lead us out of bondage. We want to hear what is their mandate, what they will do different than the UNC or the PNM. These two parties have made several promises to elevate our lives, bring safety and security and provide suitable employment together with fixing the infrastructure. What we got, however, was not a change but an exchange in leadership.

The leader of the Progressives has also made some bold statements that sits well with me, he said he will have a recall mechanism in place, he will allow the people to elect their representatives from where they reside instead forcing of Tom, Dick or Harry upon them who never resided in the area.

Perhaps this young man from the Progressives may make additions to his mandate like constitutional reform where now we can look for a four-year term instead of the routine five-year terms that has been here since 1962, and in addition, consider doing away with the office of the president.

We need to have a fixed date for elections not the typical suspense date like Patrick Manning used to say, "the date is in my back pocket."

We have been fooled, duped and mislead for many years but I think this time we the people will be looking not for seasoned politicians but for leaders who have a clear vision with specifics to deal with crime, schools, hospitals, roads, employment, poverty and the Venezuelan crisis.

So let us hear the specifics so we can make an informed decision on choice.

Jay G Rakhar, New York


"Political parties galore but no vision"

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