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Wednesday 13 November 2019
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Pundit shot in front home critical

A Santa Flora pundit who was shot five times in front of his home is in critical condition at the San Fernando General Hospital.

Anil Jaimungal, 37, of Oil Field Road was shot to his chest, head and back.

Medical sources said Jaimungal underwent emergency surgery and is in the intensive care unit.

Police said at about 11.45am on Tuesday Jaimungal was inside his home speaking with his mother when he got a phone call.

His mother told police she heard her son giving directions to their home but he did not tell her who he was speaking with. Within a few minutes, a Nissan B14 pulled up in front of the house.

Reports are that a man dressed in black walked towards the house. When Jaimungal walked outside, the man pulled out a gun from a black knapsack and shot Jaimungal to his chest. When he fell to the ground, the man stood over him and continued shooting before running out of the yard and driving away.

Neighbours told Newsday they heard the gunshots but thought it was fireworks. But when they heard Jaimungal’s mother’s screams they knew something was wrong.

Jaimungal was known in the area for his religious practices for years. Neighbours said people from different areas came to him seeking religious advice and other services.

“It is really sad to hear what happened. No one deserves this. I really hope he makes it alive and I hope police hold the man who did this to him. It is so sad,” said one neighbour.

The neighbour, who did not want to be identified said, “Crime is affecting everyone. Nowhere in this country are you safe again.”

Outside the house was an iron pot filled with water and a skull-shaped bottle with several champagne glasses.

At the time when Newsday visited there was no one at home. Sgt Sobie of the Santa Flora police station is investigating.

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