Business looking for best people

Gabriel Faria
Gabriel Faria

BUSINESSES are “looking for the best people.”

TT Chamber of Industry and Commerce CEO Gabriel Faria expressed this view when asked whether any of the Chamber’s member companies were hiring Venezuelan migrants.

Approximately, 15,000 Venezuelan migrants were registered in the past two weeks.

National Security Minister Stuart Young has said full details about the registration will be provided in due course.

The registered Venezuelan migrants will be allowed to live and work in TT for a year.

“I don’t believe companies are specifically targeting hiring Venezuelans for jobs. People are looking for the best people,” Faria said. He did not believe language would be a barrier to employment.

He said there would be fewer issues with language if the person hired was a TT citizen, but added that if an immigrant is the best person for the job, they will be the natural choice for an employer, and the selection of the right person for a particular job “will be no different to what happens in other countries.”


"Business looking for best people"

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