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Wednesday 13 November 2019
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Letters to the Editor

TT unions no longer a force – ask Duke

THE EDITOR: Let us leave the Venezuelans for a moment. They are movie and social media material for the next year and beyond. Consider the plight of the trade union movement.

The mere fact that Watson Duke, outgoing leader of the Public Services Association, is copping out means that Duke, ever so astute, is aware that the trade union horse is dead. Dead as in the fact that each union is only as strong as its membership. If governments cannot increase salaries then unions cannot increase dues.

The conditions that spawned trade unions no longer exist. If unions threaten to bring the country to a halt, there are enough unemployed people who can take over. With training, within a few weeks, everything can be up and running again. We are too small a society to eat threats wholesale. Those days are over.

Private enterprise can now entice workers with competing salary offers. There is no need to pay dues as these are incorporated in your job offer.

It is only a dedicated fool who would not admit that the Petrotrin refinery was bleeding us dry. Sabotaging the equipment is silly, uneducated behaviour. The equipment belongs to the public which includes the very saboteur.

The new energy-related companies are gaining traction and offers are increasing for TT energy services.

The position of trade union leader is not what it used to be. Ask Duke. Go into politics. Plenty money there for the talented.

Has anyone asked David Abdulah, leader of the Movement for Social Justice, if he to fancies being prime minister of TT?

Not an easy job but definitely known to have its moments.


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