Irresponsible to negatively broad-brush education system

THE EDITOR: To use data and statistics that is over ten years old in an attempt to paint a critical image of the education system of Tt is not only irresponsible but a questionable representation of the validity of the perspective of Prof Ramesh Deosaran in his Newsday article on June 9.

In the article Prof Deosaran makes mention of the work he would have done under the employ of the Ministry of Education during the period 2002-2008 lamenting that the Siparia West Secondary School would have been one of the schools assessed during his period of research and challenges seemed to be the same. Minister of Education Anthony Garcia and Chief Education Officer Harrilal Seecharan in a media conference on June 4, acknowledged and highlighted the challenges at Siparia West and the intervention that has been implemented as a result.

The Ministry of Education has effectively implemented strategies that have visibly and statistically impacted and reduced incidents of indiscipline while improving the management of the nation’s schools to date. A team, similar to that of the team implemented at the Ste Madeleine Secondary School where marked improvements have been made, has been instituted at the Siparia school.

For Professor Deosaran to subsequently state “a widespread school breakdown and school mismanagement” citing but one school as his source for making this statement, seems to have an underlying ulterior motive. The ministry has ensured that the processes and systems implemented in schools have been highlighted in the public domain to ensure that all stakeholders were apprised of the its work.

The review and update of the National School Code of Conduct, cabinet approval of the Education Policy 2017-2022, the revamp and principal support to implement a school-based management team and subsequently create a school discipline plan are all avenues that the ministry has explored to ensure that governance and administration of all schools is a priority.

Undaunted by detractors set on ignoring the good work of the ministry and positives in education, the Ministry of Education remains committed to providing quality, accessible and equitable education in schools that are well managed and safe for all.

Vishham Ramsaywack

Senior Communications Officer

Ministry of Education


"Irresponsible to negatively broad-brush education system"

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