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Monday 11 November 2019
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Guaico celebrates Mr Martinez

Angelo Martinez celebrating his 100th birthday recently.
Angelo Martinez celebrating his 100th birthday recently.

Villagers of Guaico, Tamana recently celebrated the life of Angelo Martinez, who at 100, is revered as a father figure to many in the east Trinidad community. They shared the following statement about Martinez with Sunday Newsday.

Angelo Martinez, 100, a beloved elder of Guaico, Tamana.

"Angelo Martinez lived most of his life as a humble villager of Guaico, Tamana. His life was characterised by consistent hard work and the selfless care he showed to all, as together with his wife, they welcomed so many into their home, providing for their needs and giving guidance when need be. As a result, he is a dearly loved and highly respected member of the community. Our very own centenarian, we celebrate Mr Angelo Martinez.”

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