Equal rights for fathers

THE EDITOR: Since the Garden of Eden there has been an opportunity for improvement regarding male-female relationships.

When problems arise, men in TT seek answers in bars from untrained psychologists whose recurring prescription is always another round of drinks. The patient leaves the therapy session drunk and over the recommended one-hour time.

The problem remains with the patient.

Fathers in TT are calling for a level playing field. We cannot keep telling fathers to have equal responsibility and not give them equal rights. Mothers and fathers are on the same team.

Real mothers do not alienate their children from their fathers. Parent alienation is real. Fathers should have just as much rights as mothers.

Certain high-profile individuals have children with invisible biological fathers.

The general public in TT is very observant of this type of deviant behaviour. A bad example is being set and followed .

Fathers love their children no less than mothers.

Real mothers support children's relationships with their fathers without the law telling them to. Real mothers support fathers' rights.

Stop the war on fathers in TT now.



"Equal rights for fathers"

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