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Friday 13 December 2019
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Bafasports raises over $100k for charity

Doctor Safeeya Mohammed of Sisu Global Wellness, left, Victoria Sealey of Trinebox, middle, and Nigel Bellamy of Bafasports with the cheque that was presented to QRC.
Doctor Safeeya Mohammed of Sisu Global Wellness, left, Victoria Sealey of Trinebox, middle, and Nigel Bellamy of Bafasports with the cheque that was presented to QRC.

CREATING a better life through wellness and sports is the mission of Bafasports as they daringly push the boundaries towards creating a healthier future for the citizens of TT.

Setting high goals for 2019, the team has already raised over $100,000 for various charities through sporting initiatives across the country. Founder of Bafasports Nigel Bellamy, believes that this contribution is only the beginning as the team has many more ventures already lined up.

An avid runner and an information technology analyst by trade, he said, “Fitness, like fund-raising, is hardly a new concept, however, we at Bafasports.com have been using technology to combine the two, resulting in a mutually beneficial outcome for both the participants and beneficiaries.

“We do every event with charity in mind, as one of our main objectives is giving back to society. At the same time, we are very passionate about running and other types of sports, so we marry our IT experience with our athletic expertise to create events that we know the participants will enjoy.”

These fund-raising activities have been done through traditional running events that most people are familiar with as well as the new craze known as virtual races.

Bafasports.com launched the nation’s first ever Virtual 5K in 2018 titled Land of Steel Pan which propelled TT into the virtual arena and has been trending ever since. So far, they have partnered with and done races for Trinebox, Runners of Trinidad, Sisu Global Wellness, Children with Cancer Support Group, TT Olympic Committee (TTOC), Living Beyond Hope, Athletes Dream, Helping Hands Foundation, Diamond Dash, Queen’s Royal College (QRC) and more. This is just the beginning as the team has a few surprises to be released very soon.

A virtual race marries sport with technology through the use of a mobile app to track the participant’s completion of the race distance. It allows a participant to complete the race at a date and time convenient to them after which they receive a finisher’s medal. Running clubs also support these virtual events and host group runs to encourage their members to participate.

As for the fund-raising, two recent examples, the QRC Blu Chancellor Challenge held on May 4 raised over $30,000 with the proceeds going towards the school’s infrastructure improvement project for the safety of students. The #GetMovingTTO Virtual 5K, done in partnership with the TTOC, raised over $27,000 which was put towards the Athlete Welfare and Preparation Fund. Hundreds of runners and walkers signed up for these events on the wicommerce powered Bafasports.com website which is billed as a comprehensive race calendar for the nation.

A recent participant named Jillian said, “I cannot thank the creator of Bafasports.com enough for giving me the opportunity to run for a cause, to have a purpose in running or walking some miles, to see my goals and meet them head-on. Please, please, I beg of you, to continue to be a guiding light to those who wish to do these runs but cannot go to 5Ks sometimes.”

“We are happy to partner with organisations that share our same mission to keep the nation moving and will collaborate to bring their ideas and fundraising goals to life,” said Bellamy. “From start to finish, Bafasports.com provides all the resources needed to have a successful and well executed event and welcomes all of TT to join us as we embark on this wellness journey.”

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