Tobago registration smooth

Photo by Elizabeth Gonzales
Photo by Elizabeth Gonzales

The final day for Venezuelan registration in Tobago started smoothly, with many migrants registered by 10 am. Even though the Tobago station at the Caroline building in Scarborough opened 15 minutes late, the process seemed to move faster than Thursday.

ACP Ainsley Garrick, who was on site, told Newsday things were moving quickly and he admired the number system implemented by the migrants to bring order to the process. He said members of the Tobago Divisional Task Force, including himself, will return from 2 pm until registration ends.

“I haven't heard anything about the time being extended,so police will work with the information we have. We are still keeping our ears open as information comes in.

"My interest is those returning and those who decide to stay. We want to know the figures.”

This morning a few Venezuelans disembarked from the T&T Spirit. Garrick said he expected an influx during the last few days but was pleased the crowd didn’t become unmanageable.

One migrant, who identified himself as Omar, said the number system was his idea, and since the system was created on Monday morning, over 400 people had registered, adding that he distributed numbers up to 1,005.

Many are still hoping the government has a change of heart and extends the process by a week.

George Silva said he is hoping the government allows those who have a PIN from registering online to finish the process. He told Newsday on Friday, “Please let him (Minister of National Security Stuart Young) know it's a lot of people with good intentions trying to make a better life and a better world."

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"Tobago registration smooth"

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