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Wednesday 29 January 2020
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Letters to the Editor

Our silence is destroying us

THE EDITOR: There is a saying that silence is consent. Are we as a nation consenting to the negligence of our governance? Our silence is deafening.

Are we OK with no water, billions of dollars unaccounted for, skyrocketing food prices, housing projects abandoned, and poor healthcare?

As vibrant and feisty as our culture is, why are we afraid to speak up and stand up for the good governance we deserve? Why do we continue to play blind with the pertinent issues facing us?

A senior government member collects millions in rent but you are struggling to pay your rent because you are no longer employed. And that is not bothering you? People are flying to First World countries for healthcare but your aunt is on the floor at the San Fernando General Hospital. And you are OK with that? Your car tyre bursts in the pothole that has needed fixing for years now. And you are quiet?

How can we get better if we do not demand it?

Our complacency continues to puzzle those watching on. Our inability to make educated decisions based on facts instead of loyalty continues to be our downfall as a nation. Should we not be loyal to ourselves first?

Continue being silent! Our uncertain future will be quickly upon us.


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Letters to the Editor