COP on Radio Jaagriti action: 'It is not a raid'

Satnarayan Maharaj
Satnarayan Maharaj

Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith has said the police action taking place at Radio Jaagriti today is not a raid, but an exercise to gather information.

“It is not a raid.” Griffith said in a brief phone conversation with Newsday this afternoon.

“Any time the police go to acquire information it is not a raid.”

At just after 2 pm police went to Radio Jaagrati’s offices at Pasea Road, Tunapuna, and executed a warrant to obtain information.

Former MATT secretary Vishala Ganesh confirmed they showed a warrant and carried out a search.

Radio Jaagriti managing director Satnarayan Maharaj said he will make a public announcement on the police action at 4 pm.


"COP on Radio Jaagriti action: ‘It is not a raid’"

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