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Wednesday 13 November 2019
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23-year-old debuts on PNM platform

KEIGON DENOON says the People’s National Movement (PNM) is the best political party to lead TT.

Describing himself as a proud product of PNM policy, the Buccoo resident and party youth speaker made his debut on the political platform during Tuesday’s fifth in a series of political meetings hosted by the PNM Tobago Council at the Whim community centre.

Denoon, 23, said he is proud of the PNM's achievements.

“I am sure many of you sitting here are proud as well. I am proud to wear the banner on my chest.

"If you do some introspection, do your research or simply jump in your car and take a drive throughout the island, and if you’re feeling adventurous go to Trinidad and then I can assure you that you can answer a bit louder: has your life been better?”

Denoon told supporters they had a responsibility to themselves and to future generations to ensure TT remained under the leadership of the PNM.

“This party is about delivery; this party is about love for service and not love of office. It is indeed an honour to stand on a platform where nobody has criminal charges against them. It is indeed an honour and a privilege. I don’t have to worry about my leader being escorted in handcuffs anytime. That is something to be proud of.

“In his two years in office, he would have achieved so many accomplishments. One of the major accomplishments is that of the Studley Park quarry. Some may say, why was the Chief Secretary refurbishing the Barbados Jetty, but then you understand that the PNM is about laying a foundation. My research told me that for the first quarter of 2019 we would have had a gross revenue of $10 million and if we continue, by the end of 2019 we would have a gross revenue of about $40 million. And that is the history that we are creating in Tobago under the PNM.”

Denoon boasted of a number of projects completed under the tenure of the party, including the recently commissioned Shirvan Road police station, Roxborough administrative complex and the soon-to-be-completed Roxborough police station, as well as the Roxborough mini-hospital among others.

“This is a party of vision, a party of standard and a party of continued development. This party has invested and continues to invest in the development of young people. Some people might say the PNN not doing anything for we. The PNM, I assure you today, has your best interest at heart. This party continues to lead successfully in the hardest of times. Today, I present to you a party with 63 years of service, a party that has delivered and continues to deliver."

Denoon said the party has transformed the lives of Tobagonians.

"Are you going to trade that?" he asked. "No, we are not going to trade that for parties that are mere puppets for the puppeteers. Do you want leaders whose characters cannot be trusted or do you want leaders who are about service and not office?"


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