Taxi driver, friend shot, killed in Moruga

A Taxi driver and a friend who went to buy a car in Moruga were ambushed by a group of men and shot and killed.

Dead is Vincent St Bernard also called “Waxie.” The other man remains unidentified.

According to a police report, on Tuesday evening the two men went to Edwards Trace to meet a man who they planned to purchase a car from when they were attacked.

Residents in the area heard the gunshots and contacted police. St Bernard and the other man were found dead.

Police said both men were shot to the chest and abdomen. St Bernard worked the Gulf View/ San Fernando route.

He was also a father of one.

Taxi drivers who spoke to Newsday on Wednesday described him as a hard-working man who worked long hours to provide for his family.

“He was not involved in any illegal activities. This really came as a shock to all of us. They killed an innocent man. The crime situation in this country is just getting out of hand.” one taxi driver said.

Homicide Region Three Police are investigating.


"Taxi driver, friend shot, killed in Moruga"

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