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Tuesday 22 October 2019
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Judge impressed with quality of spelling in competition

Veer Dabiesingh,10, from San Fernando TMI Primary School yesterday won 2019 Sancom National Spelling Bee competition.

After defeating 17 other Standards Three primary school students from around the country, Dabiesingh told Newsday he felt elated he won the competition.

Sandhya Maharaj from Ghandi Memorial Primary School was placed second, while Jaheim Griffith from Rosary Boys Primary School was placed third.

The finals was held at the Cipriani Labour College's auditorium, Valsayn.

“Winning this competition today (Tuesday) makes me feel relieved and also happy. I have been learning over 2, 000 for the last ten months to prepare myself for the competition.

“It was a very hard and challenging. But, with the help from my mother, father, principal and my teacher, made me win today. Although I love spelling, I am very glad it is all over.”

Chief judge for the competition, Karen Waheed said she was impressed with the quality of spelling in the competition.

“Every week you are given spelling words, don’t just memorise the words. Study the words, understand the vocabulary, and use it when you speak.

“Use it when you write sentences. Familiarise yourselves with the spelling words and apply the spelling words to your writing. Continue to develop your craft by reading and reading all types of materials.”

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