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Thursday 19 September 2019
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CoP: Time we start caring about the people's rights

Wyane Mystar public Information Officer
Wyane Mystar public Information Officer

The time has come to start caring about the rights of the people, and the Bail Amendment Bill is the way to do so, according to Police Commissioner Gary Griffith, through acting Supt Wayne Mystar.

Speaking at this morning's press briefing, Mystar recounted that 75 per cent of homicides have been committed by people with illegal guns.

Griffith proposed changes to the bill, saying criminals should be apprehended for 120 days without bail, allowing victims to come forward "with the knowledge and sense of safety and protection that the perpetrator is behind bars.”

Mystar believed having illegal guns is sufficient cause for the possessor to “lose their freedom and have bail restricted for 120 days.”

He explained Griffith believed this is a necessary step to reduce gun violence and “get these cold-blooded murderers off the streets.”

Mystar said Griffith sought assistance for such a bill to ensure that the police could defend the rights of law-abiding citizens.

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