Bomb scare at Mt Hope hospital

A man who reportedly suffered a mental breakdown, pulled the fire alarm at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex resulting in the evacuation of the main building on Wednesday morning.

Newsday spoke with the CEO of the North Central Regional Health Authority Davlin Thomas, who denied the rumours of a bomb threat or fire at the hospital.

Thomas said sometime between 8.35 am and 8.50 am on Wednesday, the man pulled the alarm and was later seen running through the corridors of the hospital shouting there was a bomb. Security removed the man from the premises as staff and members of the public were evacuated.

Thomas said the necessary precautions were taken, and the engineering department checked the building before allowing staff and the public to re-enter. Building Two, where the alarm was pulled, is for administration of the compound – no patients were directly affected. Fire officers responded to the alarm and they too declared the building safe.

A video was circulated on social media claiming there was a bomb threat at the hospital. Three weeks ago police were forced to investigate bomb threats against St Joseph’s Convent in Port of Spain and St Joseph, as well as St Mary’s College, Fatima College and Holy Name Convent after someone e-mailed the school demanding $100,000 otherwise the bomb would have been detonated. The bomb threat was described as an act of mischief intended to disrupt CESC and CAPE examinations.


"Bomb scare at Mt Hope hospital"

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