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Sunday 20 October 2019
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Alleged Muslim gangsters threaten to blow up school

POLICE had to help students and teaching staff evacuate La Horquetta South Secondary School after someone claiming to be a part of the Muslim gang called the school and threatened to blow it up unless all “rasta” students were expelled.

According to sources at the school, someone called the school around midday and told a staff member that all rastafarian students should be removed, claiming the school was in territory belonging to the Muslim gang.

Sources told Newsday the person making the threat said, “Allah is Boss,” and threatened to go to the school at 10 pm tonight and blow it up.

Teachers gathered all the students upon getting the call and prepared to evacuate them. The principal alerted the Ministry of Education and staff there gave the teachers the green light to escort the children out, which they did with the assistance of police and fire officers.

Newsday was told the school had been fully evacuated and the area is being monitored by police.

On May 24 parents had cause to take their children out of several Catholic schools, after e-mails were sent to staff threatening to send a child into the school with an explosive device. In that incident, police locked down the schools and made extensive searches in each. Nothing was found.

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