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Sunday 20 October 2019
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ACP Garrick commends Tobago police for arrests

Seventeen officers from Tobago Divisional Task Force, Scarborough station and Scarborough CID were commended on Monday morning for their dedication and professionalism which led to the arrest of five Trinidadians and two Tobagonians for robbery and housebreaking.

Police responded to an incident on May 22 at Nursery Street, Lambeau, after a house was shot at several times before it was broken into. Five Trinidadian men and one man from Tobago were arrested and charged when they were found inside the house hours later. The men, who were linked to a previous robbery, were allegedly hired by a woman from Tobago. The woman was subsequently arrested and charged.

The men pleaded guilty to breaking and entering at the Scarborough Magistrates' Second Court on May 27.

Newsday was told members of the community commended the police for their timely response when the men were seen breaking in.

Police also searched for illegal guns at a guesthouse in Buccoo where the men stayed. However, only a small amount of marijuana was found on a man from Hope. Investigations into the shooting are ongoing.

ACP Ansley Garrick told Newsday, “I remember in my early days in the TTPS I was commended and honoured for my hard work. This encouraged me to work harder. So it’s only fair to commend my officers when they work with dignity, integrity and show performance.”

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