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Tuesday 22 October 2019
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Thompson leads CCCAN team to Barbados

Jeron Thompson
Jeron Thompson

TOP TT swimmer Jeron Thompson will lead a team of over 50 at the CCCAN (Central American and Caribbean Swimming Federation) Championships in Barbados, which starts on June 28.

TT will be represented in the swimming and open water categories. Athletes in the 11-12, 13-14, 15-17 and 18 and Over age groups will compete for this country in swimming and in the open water, athletes in the 12-13, 14-17 and 18 and Over age groups will participate.

Some of other swimmers expected to perform at a high level are Amelia Rajack (11-12 girls), Zarek Wilson (13-14 boys), Zoe Anthony (13-14 girls), Gabriela Donahue (15-17 girls) and Cadell Lyons (18 and Over boys).



11 to 12 Girls: Amelia Rajack, Amari Ash, Joy Blackett, Shauna Nelson, Lyla Browne

11 to 12 Boys: Giovanni Rivas, Zachary Anthony,

13 to 14 Girls: Gabrielle Vickles, Zoe Anthony, Arielle Dickson, Naomi Walters, Caitlyn Look Fong, Kiara Goodridge

13 to 14 Boys: Zarek Wilson, Nikoli Blackman, Kadon Williams, Marquise Nelson, Johann-Matthew Matamoro, Kyle West, Riquelio Joseph, Aaron Stuart

15 to 17 Girls: Deshor Edwards, De Nicha Lewis, Jada Chatoor, Vrisnelit Faure, Briana Bocage, Gabriela Donahue, Jahmia Harley, Gabriella Acosta

15 to 17 Boys: Gabriel Bynoe, Aqeel Joseph, Malik Nelson, Luke Gillette, William Reyes, Dante Williams, Jae-Hwa Lee Wing, Jordan Mc Millan

18 and Over Girls: Cherelle Thompson, Ornella Walker, Ileana Bocage

18 and Over Boys: Cadell Lyons, Jeron Thompson, Mark Anthony Beckles, Graham Chatoor, Obadyah Ince, Christian Awah, Josiah Parag

Open Water

12 to 13 Girls: Amelia Rajack

12 to 13 Boys: Zachary Anthony, Dante Pichery

14 to 17 Girls: Gabriella Acosta, Zoe Anthony, Dominique Nurse-Allen, Jada Chatoor

14 to 17 Boys: Nikoli Blackman, Josiah Changar, Marquise Nelson, Malik Nelson

18 and Over Girls: Sabrina David

18 and Over Boys: Gabriel Bynoe, Brandon Coombs, Josiah Parag

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