Galeota Fishing Port underutilised despite $60m cost

PLANNING Minister Camille Robinson-Regis says the $60 million Galeota Fishing Port built by the former administration was being underutilised by fishermen because of design issues.

She was responding to a question in the House yesterday from Mayaro MP Rushton Parray, who asked about the status of the operationalisation of the port.

Robinson-Regis, speaking on behalf of Agriculture Minister Clarence Rambharat, said it was "passing strange" the question would be asked by the Mayaro MP, given that the facility was built by the UNC at a cost of $60 million, "similar to the fire station" the UNC tried to open.

She said the fishing facility is available for use by fisherfolk but it is underutilised because the offshore design does not facilitate ease of landing and offloading catches and gear.

"And so it is going to be very expensive to re-engineer this facility so fisherfolk can land their fish from their boats into the facility, despite the fact that it was built for $60 million."

Parray asked if there was any opportunity to use the facility for another purpose.

Robinson-Regis replied that the port was supposed to be a purpose-built facility and to use it for another purpose would require discussions with fishermen and the people of Mayaro.

"It is a shame and sad it cannot be used for the purpose it was built."


"Galeota Fishing Port underutilised despite $60m cost"

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