TT staff at Embassy in V'zuela concerned about security

Foreign Affairs Minister Dennis Moses
Foreign Affairs Minister Dennis Moses

STAFF at the TT Embassy in Venezuela have expressed concerns about their security, reported Foreign Affairs Minister Dennis Moses.

He was responding to a question in the House Friday on the reasons for the recall of staff at the TT Embassy in Caracas, Venezuela in early 2019.

He replied: "The situation in Venezuela is one that warrants close and continuous monitoring to ensure proper and ongoing management of the relations between Trinidad and Tobago and that country. Among the options open to the Government in this circumstance is to engage in face-to-face consultation with the staff of the TT Embassy in Caracas and to facilitate other undertakings pertinent to the functioning of staff in a foreign capital."

Moses said it is a practice of foreign ministries to avail themselves of this option when the situation dictates and when the issues to be addressed are of particular concern to the Government of a sending state.

"Given the ongoing issues in Venezuela, it was deemed necessary to undertake such consultations with staff of the TT Embassy in Venezuela. Significantly it gave the ministry the opportunity to address concerns relating to the security and well-being of staff and their families."


"TT staff at Embassy in V’zuela concerned about security"

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