Tourism Network launches green army campaign


The Tobago Tourism Network (TTN) has launched the national green army campaign in an effort to brand Tobago as the green capital of the Caribbean.

Chairman of the Tobago Entrepreneurs Business Network Kristal Manswell told Newsday members of the TTN’s private sector have already signed a pledge of allegiance to contribute towards the socio-environmental development of Tobago. Others, she said, are expected sign throughout the course of the month.

“Through this pledge, stakeholders vow to use their businesses as pillars for sustainable development, by using more environmentally friendly products and sustainable business practices,” she said, adding the launch also was held to commemorate World Environment Day last Wednesday.

Manswell said the campaign began with members of the Tobago private sector within its network but it will move into the schools and communities throughout TT, recruiting volunteers for their green army.

“Tourism is the responsibility of all of us, including our visitors on the sister isle, to keep Tobago clean.”

Special green books will also be available to the public to sign at green centres nationwide, while people in Trinidad will be able to participate during the Trade and Industry Convention at the Centre of Excellence from July 4-7.

She said people will have the opportunity to sign a banner showing their dedication to keep Tobago and Trinidad, clean and green.

“We’re happy that more than 50 companies have already showed their support, including our partnership with TT Manufacturers Association, Proudly TT, Rosie Bags & All Eco Caribbean that are all dedicated towards building national pride.

"We hope, during this month, to meet with NGOs, tourism agencies and corporate entities nationwide to strengthen this initiative."


"Tourism Network launches green army campaign"

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