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Tuesday 21 January 2020
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PDP campaigning on the ground

Minority Councillor Faith BYisrael
Minority Councillor Faith BYisrael

THA Minority Councillor Faith BYisrael said the Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP) has no need to host early political meetings since the group began their political campaigning long ago. She said PDP political leader Watson Duke and area representative for Speyside, L'anse Fourmi and Charlottesville Farley Augustine have been interacting with the people on the ground and will focus on listening to the cries of Tobagonians.

Within the last two months there have been a number of political meetings from the ruling PNM party and the Tobago Liberation and Empowerment team – a recent coalition of the Tobago Organisation of the People, Tobago Forwards and Platform of Truth.

When asked about PDP's campaign activities, BYisrael told Newsday, “It is not necessary for us to have any political meetings as the others are doing. We are meeting the people where they are, and we have been doing so for a very long time. The PDP has been on the ground campaigning forever, we have not stopped campaigning since the last election because our greatest campaign is showing Tobagonians we are their greatest advocate."

She added, “We have been doing that by acting on their behalf, we have been doing that by working assiduously within our communities to execute community projects and to work with our community groups. So we have been continuously campaigning.”

Even though BYisrael was unable to say exactly when the PDP will host its first political meeting, she said the team will announce a date in the near future.

Her party's political leader recently announced that he has no intentions of serving another term as president of the Public Services Association. He said he now has his eyes on the Tobago East and West constituencies in the upcoming 2020 general election. In a live social media post, Duke also expressed his interest of becoming the next prime minister.

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