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Wednesday 29 January 2020
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Moore: ‘They don’t care about you’

Christlyn Moore
Christlyn Moore

“A strong Opposition is no substitute for bad government. Bad government must be replaced.”

Tobago Forwards political leader Christlyn Moore made this statement on Saturday, in Plymouth, during a public meeting hosted by the Tobago Liberation and Empowerment Team.

The team is led by Moore, Platform of Truth leader and former Chief Secretary Hochoy Charles and Tobago Organisation of the People leader Ashworth Jack.

Moore highlighted several issues affecting Tobagonians, but zeroed in on the dilapidated Plymouth jetty.

“We come here season after season and we hear about the jetty, we hear promises to acquire the lands which is private lands, and we come back in four years ,and we come back in five years – and the situation is the same," she told residents.

“So clearly, we continue to do the same thing, we get the same results and we are surprised. We continue to trust in people who have proven themselves to be untrustworthy. We continue to give chances to people who have demonstrated that they do not deserve more chances.

"We continue to be magnanimous to people who are intent on destroying us. We continue to put our faith and trust in people who are not sensitive to our domestic condition, whose masters reside elsewhere, whose instructions comes from 22 miles away, who must pander to and apologise to Port of Spain for every single decision they make with regard to our welfare – and we’ve been doing it again and again and again, we have not benefited."

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