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Saturday 19 October 2019
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Aaron Duncan song featured in Netflix film

Four-time junior calypso monarch Aaron Duncan.
Four-time junior calypso monarch Aaron Duncan.

A LITTLE over a week after Newsday exclusively reported that a song by Olatunji Yearwood was featured in a Netflix film four-time junior calypso monarch Aaron Duncan has also achieved this milestone.

Duncan's 2015 song "Can You Feel It" is featured in the Netflix family film Dolphin Kick about a ten-year-old boy who abandons competitive swimming after losing his mother and bonds with a dolphin. Can You Feel It, a joyful tune celebrating music is played about halfway through the movie during a scene of the boy swimming with the dolphin.

Duncan's manager and mother Lydia Bryan-Duncan, speaking in a telephone interview, said early last year she received a call from the film's producer, Derek Lee Nixon from Texas.

"He said he loves the song and he wants it to feature in the film."

Bryan-Duncan noted that her son's music is registered with Fox Fuse, the leading digital music label for Caribbean music, and label made all the financial arrangements.

Duncan, 15, said he felt "overwhelmed" that his song was featured in the film.

"I am so happy the song reached that far."

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