State companies badly managed

THE EDITOR: Whichever the ruling party since Independence, they cannot get state-owned companies WASA, T&TEC and TSTT to make a profit. Trinis do not want a foreigner, but even if they have qualifications, do they have experience, or while growing, was conversation and relevant reading material available, to warrant being the CEO of these companies?

Reports in our papers recently, reveal its other state companies that are not paying millions owed towards utility bills? Do their mangers not hand in a monthly form of all outstanding bills, and spread sheets every three months to see if payments are still outstanding? What about yearly audited balance sheets, to make sure bills are paid up before the next year?

The wrong people are getting the top jobs. The crime in high places is also unsettling.

Please do not take cash from a state-owned company, if there are any making a profit, to help out elsewhere. How does this country expect to attract foreign investors to TT, if Government cannot run its own companies.

Highest salaries, sick days, overtime, overstaffed Petrotrin had to close. I saw on BBC World News TV, a robot that works all day/night making hamburgers, with this type of technology which is going to replace people in the near future, we in the West Indies had better "buck up" due to the laziness unions and governments have allowed to take place?

Diversification is of immediate importance to save TT. Bring back the tea, cocoa, and sugar plantations, closed after Independence. The agriculture sector is to be encouraged again now, to avoid foreign exchange depletion. We can grow more food here in TT to feed ourselves.

Patricia Blades,

Bayside Towers, Cocorite


"State companies badly managed"

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