RC schools to the rescue

THE EDITOR: The Prime Minister said there was no problem if the RC schools wished to open their doors to Venezuelan children. A previous regime, no doubt ruled by a dream of running TT forever, elected to build far too many schools without a feasibility study. The Ministry of Education is today bogged down in a nightmare of unpaid bills and parents and contractors breathing down its neck. So the education department has to fix our problems first.

It is my unsolicited, unpaid view that RC Archbishop Gordon, in his quest to assist the Venezuelans, should appeal directly to the Vatican for Spanish speaking teachers and translators for TT RC schools. The Pope and the Vatican can only say no.

Venezuela, historically, is in the main a Roman Catholic country. The Roman Catholics are by far the wealthiest of the Christian churches. They can easily accomplish what our government cannot. You just have to ask. Look at the outpouring of money for fixing Notre Dame when it was attacked. The Vatican can afford fees and accommodation for Spanish speaking staff without blinking an eye. They can assist where Amnesty International and the UN are only speaking empty words.

This is chance for the Roman Catholic church in TT to shine like a beacon of hope for Venezuela and to inspire a dwindling Catholic flock in TT.

Lynette Joseph, Diego Martin.


"RC schools to the rescue"

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