Where is my money, EducationMinistry?

THE EDITOR: What on God’s good earth is going on at the Ministry of Education?

I work for a manufacturing company that has been providing goods to schools for years. We have never had major challenges when it comes to payment by the ministry. The situation today, however, is that things are so bad that our employers have taken raw materials on credit to manufacture goods for the schools and are now being hounded for payment but there is no money to pay.

I recall seeing many headlines quoting members of the Government saying the recession is over. That is baseless and untrue. If in fact I am wrong, where are the funds being released? I am not being paid my salary since the company is not being paid by the ministry.

I spoke to employees of other companies that supply the ministry under the school feeding programme and those that provide stationery to the schools and they too are faced with the same predicament.

Imagine my situation as a worker when my job security is in jeopardy and my salary is not paid on time. Is this the Government’s way of showing its vision for the manufacturing sector?

I see eager Venezuelans getting permission to work in this country but we citizens with jobs are having a hard time to make ends meet because the Ministry of Education – and probably other ministries – is failing to pay for goods and services delivered. This is absolutely ridiculous.

What about providing for my family? Doesn’t this matter? My children have to do without and there is no other job available for me. Where do I go and what do I do?

QUINCY JACOB via e-mail


"Where is my money, EducationMinistry?"

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