Great care at Tobago hospital

THE EDITOR: We are Canadians (husband born in Trinidad) who spend five or six happy weeks every year in Tobago at our time-share.

This past February I had an unfortunate fall which resulted in significant and potentially disastrous damage to an eye. The highly competent staff at the resort immediately arranged for an ambulance to the hospital,

On arrival, the doctor in charge said he couldn’t deal with the damage and phoned the ophthalmologist on call. She spent over four hours, until 2.30 am, completing an almost impossible task repairing the lower lid, which had been torn away, and actually apologised for not being a plastic surgeon.

She was amazingly kind, comforting and highly competent.

The hospital staff were efficient, extremely competent and uniformly pleasant and supportive. The hospital was impeccably clean and well organised. The ambulance attendants were completely professional.

Tobagonians and visitors to Tobago should have great confidence and pride in the Scarborough Hospital and all its staff. I cannot thank them all, and in particular Dr Jacob, enough.



"Great care at Tobago hospital"

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