Breath of fresh air at ministry

THE EDITOR: Service in this country is often so horrendous in the Public Service – and many parts of the private sector – that whenever we encounter courteous, competent, outstanding officers, it’s almost our duty to trumpet it from the rooftops.

I recently had the lucky misfortune of having to call the Treasury Division of the Ministry of Finance. To cut to the chase, after three harassing games of “for this department, press that” with a heartless PBX, I decided to just press a random number and wait – ready for battle. Let them come!

Amazingly, a courteous young woman came on, and in a pleasant voice asked me how she could help. Of course I was in the wrong department. But instead of dismissing me, she offered to do some research and call me back. I smiled as I thought she had found a clever and pleasant way to get rid of me. She good, boi.

In less than five minutes she called, with an explanation and a solution. Thank you, Rhianna of the General Registry of the Treasury Division, Port-of Spain. You and others like you are a breath of fresh air. You put a penny in an old man’s hat and a smile on his weathered face. All the best.



"Breath of fresh air at ministry"

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