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Tuesday 22 October 2019
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Letters to the Editor

We are better together

THE EDITOR: The Prime Minister is on a foreign trip that, according to reports, could result in further economic agreements with the world’s leading energy companies. We wish him well.

The Opposition is suggesting that these companies come here rather than we go to them. Can TT, a country of less than one and a half million people, and an annual income of less than US$8 billion, demand that Shell a company with annual revenue of over US$300 billion, come here?

Our young people, our intelligent people, our independent thinkers must be fed up with the quality of the debate and discussion emanating from the major political parties. Thank God we are much better than these parties will have us believe.

The constant calls for “elections now” clearly demonstrate the underestimation of our population. The two major parties and their supporters think that after 2020 one of them will be in service to TT. The reality is that we have past that stage.

Our people know that our limited financial and natural resources are adequate to allow for a new network of roads, a reliable water supply, modern schools with adequately compensated teachers, low levels of criminal activity in our communities as we create employment opportunities for our youth and enhance our police patrols.

They know that with a common-sense approach to legislation we can reduce the time in courts and end the backlog of cases that serve as a disincentive to effective conflict management.

Our people are looking forward to modern business practices in our public service that minimise the time it takes to access government services and end the insistence of cash with correct change as a means of payment.

They are excited at the prospects of reducing our reliance on foreign food through appropriate agricultural incentives.

They see the influx of the Venezuelans as a positive thing as they assist in the provision of manpower, management and technical skills necessary to rebuild our infrastructure, construct new roads, expand our agricultural production, restructure our tourism with new hotels, safe sites and facilities upgraded to international standards.

Our hospitals will be transformed from places with rusty beds, poorly paid staff and outdated equipment to facilities that are on par with those in the developed world.

Through local government reform our communities will be transformed into aesthetically pleasing villages and towns with reliable emergency services and local offices dedicated to managing the distribution of water, the maintenance of bridges and street signs and the services that are commonly provided by communities in the modern world.

These and much more are possible when we reject the PNM and UNC vision or lack thereof. The end of the era of division, us versus them, is approaching.

Through appropriate legislation, a DPTT government will ensure that our churches, temples and mosques are independent of politics. No government should ever be involved in the citizen’s right and freedom to worship. Religion and ethnicity should not be tools to win votes.

Our people must enjoy the freedom to participate in every aspect of the rebuilding process. As a result, legislation will be enacted by a DPTT government to end the restrictions and discrimination that affect our lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex and asexual community.

Everyone, all of us, regardless of race, religion, class or wealth, will together place TT along a path to safety, economic reform, love and unity. We are better together.


political leader, DPTT

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