Make way for Kerry Packer of pan

THE EDITOR: Is Frank Martineau of Spektakula Promotions the new Kerry Packer of pan?

For those who came in late, Packer, an Australian TV magnate, shook up the cricket world with his own version of limited overs cricket – colourful clothing, innovations etc.

Building on the idea of the four-band jam of the Steelband Development Committee, Martineau, the man with the Midas touch, has taken pan a step further, capitalising on the North-South rivalry.

His recent musical showdown involving six bands – Desperadoes, Massy All Stars and BP Renegades from the North and Pan Elders, NLCB Fonclaire and Caribbean Airlines Skiffle Bunch from the South – was a proven success.

I have often wondered why previous Pan Trinbago executives never capitalised on pan and its constituencies. Now Martineau is showing what can be done.

Don’t expect the present executive led by Beverly Ramsey-Moore to come up with ideas such as this. As far as I understand Pan Trinbago is mired in a $50 million debt and is facing a slew of lawsuits.

The pan organisation is also labouring under the yolk of the National Carnival Committee (NCC).

And it has already been announced that private promoter Martineau is planning a North-East clash. I think he should extend the idea to the top ten large bands.

Will he take the plunge? Will the Kerry Packer of pan go for it – a top ten bands jam?



"Make way for Kerry Packer of pan"

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