DJ Kiddo killed in Oropune.

Teenager, Kadeem Young, aka "Smeagol" was  tonight shot dead outside Building 4A, Oropune Gardens, Piarco.

According to reports, the 19-year-old, who goes by the professional name "DJ Kiddo", was shot at around 9:15 pm and died shortly after.

Young lived at 7th Avenue.

Condolences kept pouring in on social media, as many lamented his killing. Young was dubbed a rising star on 94.1 FM.

Photos of him at the radio station circulated on Instagram soon after the news broke of his murder.

On one youth chat, members said, Young was a "cool guy and interfered with no one".
Even as police awaited the DMO, curious residents tried to get a glimpse of Young's body, several of them crying and shaking their heads.

One resident recalled hearing loud noise which "sounded like fireworks and thought nothing of it".

The woman said, a short while later her son told her a young man had been shot a few buildings away from where they live. The woman said she is always mindful to insist that her children, three of whom are boys, are inside before it gets dark.

"I know it may sound naive, because right now crime happening any hour of the day or night in this country and across the world, but I still take the precautions, to make sure mines inside from early, so if or when I hear any commotion, I know my children are at home and as safe as they can be here with me," said the woman, who offered condolences to Young's family.

Police are investigating.

Young's death takes the murder toll to 222.

This is the second teen to have been shot dead in Oropune between last year September to now.
In early September,  19-year-old Dillon Victory was shot dead at 5th Avenue Extension, Building 2, in Oropune, just after 8 pm.

Victory, who was said to have been overly ambitious, worked at the warehouse of Fabricland, Piarco Plaza, but would also provide mechanic services in the area and had visited the area he was killed at to collect monies owed from a job he had completed earlier that week.

SIDEBAR: Popular Radio Station loses another one
This is the second death to have hit the radio station since late last year, after they mourned the passing of DJ and announcer  Christopher "DJ Chris" Seon.
The 45-year-old  father of one and partner of meteorologist, Seigonie Mohammed,  passed away at hospital, shortly before Christmas last year.
According to reports, Seon, a known diabetic had checked himself into hospital, was diagnosed with a lung infection and later developed pneumonia. He died one week later.


"DJ Kiddo killed in Oropune."

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