Hinds in dark on Devant’s phone

Fitzgerald Hinds
Fitzgerald Hinds


Acting Minister of National Security Fitzgerald Hinds said that while he heard about the seizure of politician and activist Devant Maharaj’s cellphone, he has no idea what investigators are pursuing. “It appears an investigation is taking place.”

He said “What I do know is that the police are worthy of congratulations” for the way in which they dealt with the bomb scare threats last week.

On Tuesday evening, Arima police, led by Corporal Birch visited the home of Devant Maharaj and with a warrant for his mobile phone. The phone was seized as part of investigations regarding a social media post made by Maharaj about the bomb threats last week.

Maharaj says the police were professional and made it clear that he himself is not the subject of the investigation. Maharaj did not want to give up the source of his information and for that reason the police issued the warrant. The information shared by Maharaj is believed to potentially assist in the investigation by uncovering Maharaj’s source.

Maharaj said he was amazed police had the time and resources to investigate the bomb scare while “hundreds of crimes remain unattended.”


"Hinds in dark on Devant’s phone"

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