Police get warrant for Devant’s phone

Former government minister Devant Maharaj.
Former government minister Devant Maharaj.

Police have executed a warrant to seize and search the phone and other electronic devices belonging to political activist and former government minister Devant Maharaj.

This follows the release of information, by Maharaj on Friday last week, about a bomb threat to St Joseph Convent in Port of Spain. Other schools in Port of Spain were also searched and subsequently declared safe.

The warrant, obtained on Saturday from a justice of the peace in Arima, authorised the police to search for evidence to support the commission of an offence under the Summary Offences Act.

The warrant said there was reasonable grounds for believing that a cellular phone, including SIM cards and SD cards, mobile applications, GPS information, WIFI information, internet history and usage and external storage devices would provide evidence of an offence related to last week's bomb threat at secondary schools.


"Police get warrant for Devant’s phone"

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