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Monday 17 June 2019
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My Bunch of Keys , The Zillow of T&T

www.MyBunchOfKeys.com is the newest real estate aggregator website in Trinidad & Tobago. They are redefining the way real estate is listed online!

Sarah Rajpaulsingh, one of the directors, started the ball rolling, and here’s how: she was online every night searching for properties to purchase. Search results would populate existing real estate websites in Trinidad, only to end in frustration as either the listing was outdated, or sites took extremely long to load.

Out of the angst arose the idea of a real estate website that would encompass all the needs of the average property buyer/renter. Fast-forward to the present: thanks to her and the two other directors, a new era in the real estate market was born – a real estate listing website that would pave the way for a buyer’s online property search experience.

The ideology that the local market desperately needed this metamorphosis would mean that they’ve listened and understood what the population wants, what agencies/agents want and what financial institutions want.
The other two directors, Ryan Rajpaulsingh (Managing Director) and Ryan Olton (Technical Director), have extensive web development experience of over 40 years combined, and vast corporate portfolios, which have led them to develop the BEST website with this experience.

www.MyBunchOfKeys.com is custom-built from scratch, so they were able to include every wish list from all key players within the real estate industry.

The website boasts the fastest and most stable real estate online resource in Trinidad & Tobago to date. The inspiration was taken from US-based websites Zillow and Trulia, and in doing so it is easy to navigate with a modern contemporary design, and extremely user- friendly across all platforms: PC, MAC, mobile phones and tablets.

The need for social media sharing was recognized early on in the initial stages of the project and the mobile-friendly website’s unique social sharing tools such as the ever-popular WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram sharing buttons (to name a few), were incorporated in the design.

Only a year old this May (2019), My Bunch of Keys has become the #1 real estate aggregator website in T&T, with 40,000+ listings with multiple top real estate agents and agencies as clients.

They have bypassed any other local real estate website in existence, with over 3,000,000+ visits in one year and an average of 17,500+ views per day, just a little over 3 months after its launch.

This is proven by visiting the website ranking website: www.alexa.com/siteinfo which shows the ranking of any website of any country.

One unique feature of the website which users have commended thus far is the “My Bunch” feature. This allows users to save property listings that they may be interested in, by creating a “bunch” of properties specific to that user. The website accomplishes this without the need of having the user create a profile with login credentials, which most times can be a hassle.

In addition to all these elements, mortgage requests are a breeze with the unique features implemented, as they have partnered with various financial institutions.

OUR AGENTS PAGE: https://mybunchofkeys.com/our-agents/

Most noteworthy – Agencies and agents are very important to My Bunch of Keys, with great sign-up introductory prices, advertising packages, and add-ons such as photography, videography, drone and 360 -degree photography to suit their needs. Agents/agencies are given the most versatile backend to upload via phone, tablet or PC, so a real estate agent can make an upload within 5 minutes!

Agents are happy with the rate at which people are contacting them about properties for sale and rent, more often than before.

Here are some testimonials: https://mybunchofkeys.com/our-agents/#testimonials

They boast the strongest technical support team in the industry, with a dedicated technical support department available at 329-KEYS. They've done 70+ upgrades within one year of being active online.

Begin your search today with www.MyBunchOfKeys.com - Real Estate Redefined!

Phone: 35-BUNCH
Tech support: 329-KEYS
Accounts: 312-KEYS

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