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Saturday 21 September 2019
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Letters to the Editor

We’ve become a violent society

THE EDITOR: New Flash: five murders in twenty four hours, elderly couple slain in their home, tourist robbed, raped and murdered, man set lover on fire, school boy beaten unconscious by other boys and, I cannot leave this out, tempers flare in Parliament MP asked to leave the room.

Those are just some of the things citizens are confronted with on a weekly basic in TT. This is where we are when it comes to the human relationship: we have become a violent society. Please do not make the mistake and correct someone else's child for doing wrong or look at someone for any reason on the streets. It is like a war zone with people just looking to trip on anyone that crosses their part.

A spirit of violence, hate and bitterness has possessed many living in our country and the manifestation is brutal and hideous murders without any regret or remorse.

Let us take off the mask and realise what we are dealing with, for only then can we effect change.

Those of us who truly care about TT and condemn this type of behaviour must unite as one voice and, in our own way, let the spirit of that dark domain know that “enough is enough.” We all need to consistently lift TT in prayer for the healing of the land. Our land needs to be healed. This will not come through politicians but for a people crying out for God to intervene.

With all that our politicians have done, are we any better? God needs to be part of the process, giving our leaders the wisdom and the know-how.

I firmly believe our nation can turn around for the better and become a delightful place to live in. As an appeal to all, I leave these timeless words: “The righteous exalt a nation.” And remember that God still hears and answers the cry of his people.

Arnold Gopeesingh, San Juan

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Letters to the Editor