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Tuesday 25 June 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Vote wisely!

THE EDITOR: As elections quickly approach us, let us discuss the power of our vote.

Our vote determines the future of this democracy and that alone should speak volumes to you as a citizen. Your vote plays a critical part in the policies shaping the way TT is governed.

If you are against the influx of Venezuelans then you must first ask what is your party's policy on boarder patrol? If you are against WASA fining the farmers then you must question what is your party's policy on food production?

If you are unhappy with the rising costs of goods in this country ask yourself who is determining the tariffs and artificial inflation caused by the buying and selling of the dollar.

We simply cannot continue to vote on party loyalty but must consider the issues impacting our everyday lives and the future of our country. The decisions made by those in power directly affect your very existence, so choose your leaders wisely.

If you are content with the deplorable roads, failing healthcare, archaic education, poor government services, high food costs then you as a citizen should take a second look to review the decades of neglect and mismanagement our country has endured. If you want change then explore all options that represent a better future for our nation.

Michelle Dymally Davis, Cedros

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