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Saturday 21 September 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Empathy or exploitation for V’zuelans

THE EDITOR: The needs of the citizens of this country need to be met first before we show compassion and hospitality to Venezuelans and allowing them to become a part of our crime-infested culture. The refugees pose a security risk to our society that is already plagued by gang warfare and serious crimes that the police are not handling very well. The refugees will consume resources that are already in short supply for instance money, housing etc. We only have duties to accept refugees where that is beneficial to TT. We are not to blame for the political conditions in other parts of the world and we are only obligated to take care of the needs of our own citizens.

There are literally no jobs here and displacing citizens of this country further out of what little crumbs, resources and jobs are left is crazy. It looks like we are showing empathy towards them, but in reality we are not in a position to be empathetic because our own citizens are already suffering to survive and thrive. We need to show empathy first to the many citizens of TT who have lost a loved one and continue to be victims of crime. We need to show some sympathy and compassion for the many Trinidadians that have lost their jobs and cannot afford to sufficiently provide for their family. The Government of TT does not have a track record or history of empathy and, therefore, it appears that the Venezuelans flocking into the country are going to be exploited for political gain as their situation is desperate.


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Letters to the Editor