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Tuesday 25 June 2019
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Letters to the Editor

No refugee camps in TT

THE EDITOR: I am going to presume that any entity willing to employ Venezuelan workers will provide shelter. I will also presume that landlords with unoccupied dwellings will offer accommodation at reasonable rents.

I am yet again presuming that no Venezuelans are going to be allowed to squat throughout TT. We already have people who set out as squatters and then throw tantrums when they are not connected to water and electricity. Some people can get very rude and boldfaced about squatters’ rights.

Without a doubt, I am going to imagine that all workers will be medically examined and made measles, mumps and malaria free. Being tuberculosis free is another story that needs close examination.

After all of the above is settled, we and the Venezuelans are good to go because there will be absolutely no refugee camps allowed in TT.

Read my lips: No camps.


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