Gang members after better life for the group

THE EDITOR: Human co-operation is the cornerstone of human achievement – from the devolpment of language and the brain via sharing information in tribes, clans or in modern times the nation state.

I have an hypothesis that the formation of criminal gangs in TT is a modern expression of human co-operation, not just for survival but for prosperity of an adversely affected group and will either co-operate or challenge the formal system.

The evolution of political parties in TT followed a similar pattern. The regular citizens were not receiving sufficient benefits from the established British rule. They formed gangs called political parties to help secure a better life for their group (tribe).

Their means were nonviolent while the criminal gangs’ means are violent. The objective is the same – to obtain a better life for the group (themselves).

As a mathematician I study patterns. If this group does not get a better life its members will continue the struggle for their group. Look at the mess Colombia is in.

BRIAN E PLUMMER via e-mail


"Gang members after better life for the group"

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