Shamfa to Tobagonians: Be careful of what you support

Sports and Youth Affairs Minister Shamfa Cudjoe
Sports and Youth Affairs Minister Shamfa Cudjoe

With a General Elections expected in 2020 and a Tobago House of Assembly (THA) elections following, Tobago West MP Shamfa Cudjoe has called on Tobagonians to be careful of what they’re supporting.

Speaking during the fourth in a series of political meetings hosted by the PNM Tobago Council at the Hampden/Lowlands Multi-purpose Facility on Tuesday, Cudjoe said delivery and direction was important in moving the island forward.

“It is one thing to want to lead but you have to direct people to somewhere.

“Everybody wants to lead, everybody wants to run for a seat, everybody wants to be the next Chief Secretary, so you run your mouth day in, day out.

"You want to lead me to where to do what? And that is a question you have to ask people like Watson Duke.

"You want to be the Chief Secretary, you want to lead the Assembly, you’re paranoid with the office but to do what?"

Cudjoe said Tobagonians should be careful of what they were supporting and "letting into your head."

"Its one thing to say you want an alternative, but if you’re taking me into another direction… to accomplish what? I am following you where to do what?” she asked.

This as she asked those gathered to pay particular attention to the Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP) led by Minority Leader and PSA president Duke and their strategy.

“It’s just to oppose. To oppose, to oppose, to oppose. No specific reason for opposing, no sense of purpose, no direction. We are just opposing for opposing sake but if you’re going to oppose, give me an alternative.

"What are you replacing with what you just broke up? Because the PDP is a party of just mashing up and destruction. While some say politics is war, I say politics is about nation building, so you mash it up but you replace it with what?

Cudjoe said leadership came with vision and direction and discipline was needed.

"You have to discipline your emotions. Everybody could talk but not everybody could work and that is what the People’s National Movement is about, leadership and vision.”


"Shamfa to Tobagonians: Be careful of what you support"

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