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Saturday 21 September 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Fighting for soul of TT

THE EDITOR: It’s very difficult, almost impossible, to throw away a pair of pants simply because its zipper is faulty when growing up with no more than two or three pairs. As a child my grandmother patched our clothing until the entire thing seemed like it was made of a patch quilt.

People who grew up knowing what it is to be hungry or to treat a meal with meat as a Sunday special have trouble throwing away ends of bread or leftovers. On the other hand, people who never knew what it is to be poor, hungry or in need cannot understand the plight of those struggling for survival.

One wonders what kind of people, person or government would seize the pumps of farmers who are struggling to feed their families and, in the process, feed our nation. To simply say it is against the law with gusto and pride demonstrates the kind of apathy that pervades our nation. It takes away the human element, the love and caring that heals a nation.

The struggle to purchase a water pump that cost thousands of dollars, to cultivate a crop in the blinding hot sun, to battle through the dust from the parched land, and then to see one’s hard work wilting due to lack of water seem lost on those cloaked with the pride of upholding an unjust law.

The Water and Sewage Authority (WASA) has failed to supply the many with a reliable water supply, is unable to effect repairs without leaving our roads in a state of disrepair, has failed to effectively manage our water, therefore has no moral authority to impose its punitive measures on farmers.

This speaks to a bigger picture. We are losing the very soul of our nation. There seems to be joy and happiness among those opposed to the Government when crime escalates and the economy worsens.

Then there are those on the side of government who feel it is OK not to continue with projects or initiatives of the previous administration, regardless of the benefits to the population.

They impose punitive measures on the population, high taxes, unnecessary bureaucracy and inefficient systems that frustrate the many. They are either unaware or indifferent to the many people who stand in line to change the titles of their vehicles, clear barrels of goods on the port or collect birth certificates.

It is very easy to look down from a position of power and wealth on the poor people as they struggle for survival. Protected by security officers that stop the many at the gate and feasting with tax dollars that pay for unnecessary government services, the self-righteous elite pour scorn on the criminals and poor whose education and social conditions elevate them to levels just above that of animals.

They blame their race, their family, their gang leaders, their religious leaders and their blind support for politicians but never themselves.

When one boasts of millions in profits but fail to sponsor one pan side, football or cricket team he or she is as guilty of contributing to a decaying society as the criminals themselves.

When one fails to provide our fishermen with proper berthing facilities, fail to provide water to our communities, fail to provide proper education facilities, fail to provide basic services that directly improve the life of our citizens, we collectively contribute to the type of society that generates humans capable of taking another’s life and partying thereafter.

To those who understand what it is to be poor, who understand the importance of contributing to building better communities and uniting to end the era of racial voting and support for an elite that is indifferent to the needs of the many, I ask that you join with me in restoring the soul of our nation.


political leader, DPTT

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