Disturbing Love and Hip Hop episode in TT

THE EDITOR: I am extremely disturbed and angry that we allowed the producers of the reality show Love and Hip Hop Atlanta to film an episode in Trinidad.

In the segment, to be aired next week, TT will be portrayed as a “potty country.”

One of the characters, Pooh Hicks, flew to Trinidad with a soiled sheet, which she kept from several years ago, to depict an “accident” caused when her unfaithful husband, Hiriam Hicks, allegedly had anal sex with another woman, Karlie Redd.

The promotion for this episode shows the TT flag proudly flying in the breeze.

I hope that the boards of Tourism Trinidad Ltd and Tobago Tourism Agency are ready for the backlash that comes from TT being painted in a very unflattering light.

Worse, these characters, while in TT, also take the name of Jesus Christ in vain. But I guess that is okay as well, because no one will make a fuss.

This programme has no redeeming values but will be used to showcase TT. Is this the type of tourism the Government is encouraging?



"Disturbing Love and Hip Hop episode in TT"

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