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Monday 27 January 2020
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Letters to the Editor

Highway Patrol to the rescue

THE EDITOR: I think it appropriate that I inform the public of the commendable actions of two members of the TTPS. Far too often our police are portrayed in a negative light. But these two officers of the Freeport Highway Patrol, Cpl Gookool and Abraham, truly understand the motto To Protect and Serve with humility, politeness and helpfulness.

On May 18, returning from the airport about 11.15 pm, I got a flat tyre in the vicinity of the Couva hospital in an unlit area. With me were my visiting sister and 16-year-old daughter.

Given the circumstances in our country at this time, my impulse was to continue driving (which no doubt would have caused some damage to my car). Thanks be to God that these two officers were patrolling at that hour and stopped, physically assisted me, even supplying better tools to change the tyre.

Thank you Gookool and Abraham (who I later discovered is the nephew of former head of the Central Police Division Johnny Abraham. Certainly the chip did not fall far). Your assistance and the security you provided at that hour were priceless. God bless you both.


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Letters to the Editor

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