Don’t Look Back – a journey with Jointpop

Jointpop will be performing its latest tracks from the album From Trinidad .... With Love.
Jointpop will be performing its latest tracks from the album From Trinidad .... With Love.

THE Little Carib Theatre is rolling out its "summer" programme of events, starting with a special one-night only show featuring rock ‘n’ roll heavyweights, Jointpop. Still riding high on the wave of the recent release of its eighth studio album, From Trinidad...With Love, the band will be performing its latest tracks as well as revisiting old classics and lesser-known songs from albums past in a concert titled Don’t Look Back.

Fans will also get to see and celebrate the release of the new video for the song Rear-view Mirror Love – an edgy, animated short, produced by local design company Backyard Design Co.

Set for June 1, the show will be the third time Jointpop is on the Carib’s stage. The band says the theatre is “the perfect venue for a concert of this type,” said a media release.

Lead singer and guitarist Gary Hector said: “It’s always great to play a full-length concert at a special venue. And with eight albums behind us, we get the chance to touch on songs we don’t normally get to play at smaller venues with shorter sets, so the band is really looking forward to that.”

Hector is joined by Damon Homer on guitar, Phil Hill on keyboards and backing vocals, Jerome Girdharrie on bass, and Dion Camacho on drums. Together the band has garnered critical acclaim both locally and internationally, having flown the TT flag on tour around the Caribbean, in the UK, as well as in the US at legendary music hangouts like CBGB’s and The Mercury Lounge, among others.

The band’s musical influences represent a melting pot of styles, and include everyone from Bob Dylan and Bowie to Blondie and Bob Marley, The Clash to The Carpenters, The Stooges, Stones and Sex Pistols... and local icons David Rudder and Shadow.

So what can newcomers to their sound expect on the night?

“Sometimes the band doesn’t even know what to expect,” admits Hector, “but the people can look forward to hearing some great songs from all our albums and a really great live show. Pure honesty – that's what we do.”

Showtime is 9 pm and doors open at 7.30 pm.


"Don’t Look Back – a journey with Jointpop"

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