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Saturday 21 September 2019
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UPDATED – UNC on Ram’s arrest: ‘It’s a distraction’

GLEN RAM, chairman of the Mayaro/Rio Claro Regional Corporation, was yesterday arrested by the Anti-Corruption Investigation Bureau (ACIB) for allegedly receiving a $1500 bribe in June last year.

In a statement, the police said Ram was arrested at the corporation in Rio Claro at about 10.25 am.
The corporation is controlled by the Opposition United National Congress (UNC).

The party, in a statement yesterday, said the arrest was a distraction by the ruling Peoples National Movement (PNM) government to “deflect attention from their incompetence.”
“It cannot be denied that this has been an ongoing narrative by the PNM, that they were going to “lock somebody up. This has been their consistent talking point in and out of Parliament.”
The UNC said it would not be surprised if the PNM uses every tool at its disposal “to continue these attempts.”

“The people of Trinidad and Tobago have seen and felt what life is like under this Rowley government, and they are fed up, they are frustrated, and they are angry. Right now, people are crying out for real and effective leadership, which this Rowley-led government is unable to provide.”

The party said it sees itself as a defender of the people and are duty-bound to hold the government accountable.
In a separate incident, an office manager at the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs in Point Fortin was also arrested by the ACIB at her South Oropouche home. It is alleged the 29-year-old woman forged a $10,000 cheque sometime between 2010 and 2015.
Up to press time last evening, charges were not yet laid in either incident.

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