Shocking CCJ taking weeks to verify 33 is greater than 32

THE EDITOR: Reference is made to the “Absurd maths” letter by Peter Moralles in yesterday’s Newsday. He was referring to the judicial appeal before the CCJ on Guyana’s no confidence motion.

I have several doctorates but not in maths. That does not prevent me from concluding that 33 is greater than 32 or that 33 is a majority of 65.

The CCJ spent three days hearing from lawyers who shamelessly argued that 32 is greater than 33. And five jurists from the CCJ shockingly listened to that argument. Worse, the CCJ needs weeks to decide if indeed 33 is a majority of 65 or if 33 is greater than 32. No wonder Trinis have little faith in the CCJ on judicial matters.

If the judges go to students in grades one to four in any school in TT or the Caribbean, they will get a quick maths lesson within seconds, not weeks. All of the little children will tell the adults that from time memorial, since the invention of maths, children learn that 33 is an absolute and simple majority of 65 and that 33 is more than 32.

Also, any fool would know that two is a majority of three. But as Moralles stated, going by the Guyana Appeal Court maths, three does not have a majority. In the Guyana Appeals Court, a majority of three is three. You divide three by two, round it up, and add one.

Please CCJ, don’t let the world laugh at us in the Caribbean. Go to the children to verify math facts and issue a quick ruling one way or the other if 33 is less than 32. The world is waiting with bated breath.

VISHNU BISRAM via e-mail


"Shocking CCJ taking weeks to verify 33 is greater than 32"

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