Five charged with prison break plead not guilty

 Atiba Sealy
Atiba Sealy

FIVE of the six escaped Remand Yard inmates recaptured by police appeared in the Arima court yesterday.

On May 15 eight prisoners escaped from the  Remand Yard at Golden Grove Prison, Arouca. The circumstances of the escape remain under investigation.

Mikhale Mohammed

Joshua Janet

Six of the men have been recaptured: Stefon Austin of Erin; Joshua Janet of Brasso Seco, Paria; Mikhale Mohammed of Wallerfield, Arima; Brent Johnson of Five Rivers, Arouca; Atiba Sealy of Five Rivers, Arouca and Kerry Valentino of Quash Trace, Sangre Grande.

Brent Johnson

Stefon Austin

Two escapees, Olatungi Denbow and Michael Findley, remain at large.

Yesterday Austin, Janet, Mohammed, Johnson and Sealy appeared before magistrate Cheron Raphael. They were all charged with escaping lawful custody and all pleaded not guilty.

Newsday was told the sixth escapee, Valentino, did not appear because he had minor injuries and there were hiccups in getting him medical attention. He was scheduled to be treated and appear in court today. The five men are expected to reappear in court in 28 days.


"Five charged with prison break plead not guilty"

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